Amethyst is a beautiful berry tone that we love to use to for eye contouring. Apply along orbital bone with the fluff precision brush.

  • Look 1: Sallie is wearing it all over her lid, applied with the Large Oval Chisel brush. 
    • Gaze shadow through the middle
    • Teak along the orbital bone
    • Jet eye pencil along the top waterline
    • Mellow blush with Mineral Glaze 2 as highlight
    • Brick lip pencil and Temptress lipstick
  • Look 2: MacKenzie is wearing it along the orbital bone, applied with the Round Precision brush. 
    • Lilac shadow on the lid
    • Glory shadow (also 60% off) through the middle
    • Black felt tip liner with Stellar shadow (also 60% off) on top and through the crease
    • Curio blush (also 60% off) with Pink Ice liquid illuminator for highlight on the cheekbones
    • Burgundy lip liner, Luxe lipstick and Mint Raspberry lip gloss