Raisin Blush
Raisin Blush Raisin Blush

Raisin Blush is a gorgeous rich shade that's best used on deeper/darker skin tones. It offers beautiful nuances of deep berry and plum with a touch of red. One of our favorite lip combos with this blush is Crimson Lip Liner, Pomegranate Lipstick and Golden Lip Gloss or Mint Strawberry Lip Gloss. Enjoy!

  • Amy is wearing as a contouring blush applied with the Chisel Angle Blush Brush and Street Lights Blush on the apples, plus:
    • Confection shadow on the lid
    • Ambrosia shadow through the middle
    • NY Magic shadow along the bone and along the bottom lash line
    • Black Creme Liner with Truffle shadow on top
    • Brick Lip Liner, Vista Lipstick, and Golden Lip Gloss