About Amy Head

"Doing this business was not at all a plan I had for my life. As a matter of fact, It began through a lot of doors closing on what I thought I wanted to do. Thank God, literally, for those painful times. They directed me toward something I could have never orchestrated on my own. 

Then there is my husband Harold, a commercial photographer. I could not nor would not have done any of this without him. Harold experienced with me the discovery of my talent and the impact it was having on women. They were seeing themselves in an authentically beautiful light for the first time. They were not seeing the makeup. We watched as women experienced the special quality of her beauty for what was already apart of them. Therefore, the makeup looked extraordinarily natural and like it belonged. As Harold photographed all of these faces for my own study, we both grew steadily aware that this was something women needed and that I needed as well. Something the mainstream cosmetic industry clearly was not providing. Harold gave me the support to be faithful to this calling. He carried the entrepreneurial bravery for both of us as we pursued the first Amy Head products and the first Amy Head Studio in 1987. 

Today, the business has extended to our daughter MacKenzie. Living in Nashville, TN, she has started working with us to grow and nurture this brand to reach its true potential. We are all excited to see what that will be."