Mini Round Precision Brush

Mini Round Precision Brush

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The Mini Round Precision Brush is the perfect solution for applying eye shadow beautifully in the crease. Its size and shape ensures the ease of this wonderful technique. We also love using the same shade you choose for the crease, on top of creme liner to soften. The Mini Round Precision Brush works for this as well. Try Truffle, Vapor, Hazel, Somber, or Purple Heart eye shadows in the crease and on top of Mahogany, Black, or Iron creme liners. Yours eyes will look gorgeous!


I love Amy Head Cosmetics. Amy and her staff are amazing. Quality products!!! You feel special when you visit her store. I can not say enough about Amy Head Cosmetics.

Nancy W.

This is why I use Amy Head Cosmetics, they focus on your beauty and not on your flaws.


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