Marble Eye Shadow
Marble Eye Shadow Marble Eye Shadow
Marble Eye Shadow is a mid-toned matte that is not too blue of a grey. We have loved it on the lid or swept alone the orbital bone to contour the eye. It's a great alternative to browns or purples on any eye color. For the lid, use the Large Oval Chisel Brush, for the orbital bone, use the angle chisel fluff brush. Dusk Eye Shadow is gorgeous with Marble, as well as warmer shades like Topaz and Peachy.
  • MacKenzie is wearing it on the lid, plus:
    • Spicy shadow through the middle
    • Elixir shadow along the orbital bone
    • Iron Creme Liner with Stellar shadow  on top and in the crease
    • Willow Blush with Gold Liquid Illuminator on the top of cheekbones
    • Pink Liquid Matte with Cognac Lip Liner, Somerset Lipstick, and Mint Strawberry Lip Gloss