Clay is a year-long staple shade that brings depth to your eyes. It's a surprisingly amazing color to use through the middle as it paints sheer when applied with the Squirrel Large Fluff brush.

  • Look 1: Chelsea is wearing it through the middle along with the colors listed below. 
    • Bliss shadow is on the lid
    • Iron creme liner with Somber shadow on top 
    • Tweed eye pencil along the bottom lash line
    • Willow blush with Gold liquid illuminator as highlight
    • Maple lip pencil, Dewdrop lipstick and Glass Mint Sparklettes lip gloss
  • Look 2: MacKenzie is wearing the exact same look as Chelsea plus a few more touches
    • Somber brought into the crease
    • Tropical Night along the orbital bone
    • Glisten blush (also 60% off) added to the apples
  • Look 3: A second look at a combination including Clay through the middle
    • Jazz shadow (also 60% off) on the lid
    • Smolder shadow along the orbital bone
    • Black creme liner with Magic shadow (also 60% off) on top
    • Suede eye pencil along the bottom lash liner
    • Bronze Glow blush with Glisten blush (also 60% off) on the apples and Gold liquid illuminator for highlight
    • Nude Liquid Matte with Rosewood lip liner, Warm Nude lipstick and Mint Brandy lip gloss