Garnet lipstick is our newest member of the berry family. If you love color and want a lipstick that can be your daytime to nighttime shade, this is it! For daytime, pair it with Burgundy lip liner and for nighttime, Crimson lip liner will take it to a new level of strength. You can also soften your look by using a touch of Mint Beige lip gloss in the center for just a hint of light. If you have felt like you cannot wear rich lip color because your lips are smaller, lip liner and highlight gloss will actually make your lips look bigger.
  • MacKenzie is wearing it with Cognac lip liner and Jewel Mint Sparklettes lip gloss with:
    • Twilight shadow (also 60% off) on the lid
    • Spicy shadow through the middle
    • Smolder shadow along the orbital bone
    • Black creme liner with Magic shadow (also 60% off) on top and into the crease
    • Willow blush