Curio blush is best used on the apples for a lilac sheen that is special and luminous. Use it with a contouring blush like Iris and pair it with the new Quartz lipstick if you want a light more nude look. For a richer, brighter choice, don't use a contouring blush and use Stunning, Rose, or Blooming lipstick for medium to bright.

  • Look 1: MacKenzie is wearing Curio all over the cheeks with Pink Ice liquid illuminator for highlight and:
    • Lilac shadow on the lid
    • Glory shadow through the middle
    • Amethyst shadow along the orbital bone
    • Black felt tip liner with Stellar shadow on top and through the crease
    • Burgundy lip liner, Luxe lipstick and Mint Raspberry lip gloss
  • Look 2: Erin is wearing it on the apples with Iris blush as a contour and:
    • Amethyst shadow on the lid
    • Gaze shadow through the middle
    • Iron creme liner with Somber shadow on top and into the crease
    • Burgundy lip liner, Polynesian lipstick and Mint Beige lip gloss
  • Look 3: MacKenzie is wearing Curio on the apples with Bronze Glow blush to contour and:
    • Vineyard shadow on the lid
    • Glory shadow through the middle
    • Earth shadow along the orbital bone
    • Black creme liner with Indigo shadow on top and into the crease
    • Golden Brown eye pencil along the bottom lash line 
    • Ginger lip pencil, Satin lipstick and Mint Zenith lip gloss