Utopian lipstick is a rich skin-toned pink. If you are a fan of the shade Innocence,Polynesian, or Casual and Sheer, Utopian could be your lipstick with more color. It has the slightest sheen to prevent the color from appearing flat. Also, its a bit more berry than the photo reflects. We love to add a shot of brown by using Cognac lip liner and Sheer Sand lip gloss. Mellow blush is perfect with Utopian as well. You won't be disappointed.

  • Look 1: Kat is wearing it with Cognac lip liner and Jewel Mint Sparklettes lip gloss with:
    • Shell shadow (also 60% off) on the lid
    • Spicy shadow through the middle
    • Vineyard shadow (also 60% off) along the orbital bone
    • Stellar shadow (also 60% off) in the crease
  • Look 2: MacKenzie is wearing Utopian with Ginger lip liner and Mint Raspberry gloss, plus:
    • Twilight shadow (also 60% off) on the lid
    • Glory shadow (also 60% off) through the middle
    • Teak shadow along the orbital bone
    • Plum creme liner (also 60% off) with Stellar shadow (also 60% off) on top and into the crease
    • Sage eye pencil along bottom lash line
    • Iris blush with Pink Ice liquid illuminator for highlight