Athena is a gleaming semi-nude lipstick that has unexpected depth which allows it to be a beautiful chameleon. 

  • Look 1: Kat is wearing Athena with Ginger lip liner and:
    • Dove shadow on the lid
    • Flame shadow through the middle
    • Black creme liner with Seascape shadow (also 60% off) on top
    • Copper blush
  • Look 2: MacKenzie is wearing Athena with Rosewood lip liner and Glass Mint Sparklettes gloss, plus:
    • Spelt shadow (also 60% off) on the lid
    • Islet shadow through the middle
    • Jade shadow (also 60% off) along the bone
    • Black felt tip pen with Somber shadow on top and in the crease
    • Hemp blush with Pink Ice liquid illuminator on tops of cheekbones