Downy Eye Shadow
Downy Eye Shadow Downy Eye Shadow
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Downy Eye Shadow used on the lid with the Large Oval Chisel Brush helps you reach your beauty potential for the freshest eyes. Don't be shy about using the Eye Primer under this reliable shade for its lightest, brightest presence. Its absolutely beautiful with any other shadows of your choice. Don't miss out!

Stella is wearing it on top of Eye Primer on the lid applied with Large Oval Chisel brush, plus:

  • Taupe brow shadow applied with Angle Definer brush
  • Heaven along the middle applied with Squirrel Large Fluff brush
  • Iron creme liner on top lash line applied with Mini Camo Oval brush + Truffle shadow on top applied with Mini Round Precision brush
  • Mellow blush applied with Chisel Angle Blush brush
  • Crimson lip liner + Capstone lipstick + Mint Glaze lip gloss

*not compatible with palette