Dove Eye Shadow
Dove Eye Shadow Dove Eye Shadow Dove Eye Shadow

Dove Eye Shadow is your everyday go-to for a soft matte lid. This shade is truly a mid-tone neutral that has the slightest touch of taupey smoke that comes through so beautifully. Enjoy it a couple of ways: on the lid with the Large Oval Chisel Brush (on top of eye primer for its strongest presence). Also with the Fluff Precision Brush along the under side of the orbital bone for contouring definition that will uplift the eyes. 

  • Look 1: Kat is wearing it all over her lid, applied with the Large Oval Chisel Brush. 
    • Flame shadow through the middle
    • Black Creme Liner with Seascape shadow on top
    • Copper Blush
    • Ginger Lip Liner and Athena Lipstick
  • Look 2: MacKenzie is wearing it along the orbital bone.
    • Cornerstone shadow on the lid
    • Sundown through the middle
    • Black Felt Tip Liner with Magic shadow on top
    • Golden Brown Eye Pencil along the bottom lash line
    • Contour Blush with Pink Ice Liquid Illuminator as highlight 
    • Terracotta Lip Liner, Vintage Lipstick and Mint Brandy Lip Gloss